Monday, May 09, 2005

Xiu Xiu mp3s from La Foret (2005) - Muppet Face and Bog

The thing about Xiu Xiu that makes them so listenable, despite all the dissonant harshness and depressed moaning, is that they sound dangerous, at a time when nobody sounds dangerous anymore. It's that addictive masochistic effect - you have to listen to the songs again, more closely, in the same way that you have to repeatedly watch The Bride yank out the eyeball in the trailer fight from Kill Bill 2, or replay the syringe scene in Pulp Fiction. It's all punishment and unrelieved tension, but wait, what exactly was it, and how did he do that? Play again. Is that a children's xylophone, replaced by a a hissing steam engine, and a raging electronic heartbeat underneath? Did he just say "There will always be a headless neck?" The songs seem to transform from human to machine and back again, and during those three and a half minutes, transform you with them.

Xiu Xiu mp3s:
Muppet Face
Bog People


HANS said...

Lovely review.
It had leaked into my hands a few days ago but I think you're a god for remembering my love for them.


Canowine said...

Thanks HANS! I know my peeps.