Monday, May 16, 2005

The Coral - mp3s from Invisible Invasion: A Warning to the Curious and Late Afternoon

Everybody's making a pop record these days, and just as I started to get bored of that resurrected 80's synth pop sound, here's an album that sounds more like that 80's brit-guitar gloom, i.e. more Echo & the Bunnymen than Duran Duran. Thank God.

Invisible Invasion starts with the Echo-like creepy repetetiveness in "She Sings the Mourning," effective, though you can't help but think that the song really needs Ian McCulloch for that added dramatic punch. The guitar solos in this track and "Come Home" are spirited and strong. "Arabian Sand" feature straightforward guitar riffing and an eerie organ to support the unsettling lyrics: "The madman's in the desert/look out behind you/the madman's in the desert/looking to find you...looking to shoot you down," and another one of those satisfying solos rips through the middle of the song, and ends with a roaring blast of guitar and drums.

A Warning to the Curious is not as spirited, but it's one of the most grabbing songs on the CD for its underwater electronic octave climb blended nicely into the Echoesque guitar atmosphere. Late Afternoon is just plain pretty.

The Coral mp3s (from Invisible Invasion):
A Warning to the Curious
Late Afternoon


mike said...

brilliant! I love the Coral and hope this is as good as their original album

Canowine said...

fear not, it is solid.

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