Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Motown Remixed mp3s - Let's Get it On (Paul Simpson & Miles Dalto mix) & Signed, Sealed, Delivered (DJ Smash Remix)

The Motown Remixed album is out next week, and some vinyl is out now. This is one of my most anticipated album releases this month.

Here are two remixes from it.

I know, messing with Marvin and Stevie is messing with the Gospel. But this is all about reverence. And maybe cash.

Marvin Gaye - Let's Get it On (Paul Simpson & Miles Dalto MPG Groove Remix) (mp3)

Stevie Wonder - Signed, Sealed, Delivered (DJ Smash Remix) (mp3)


The Keoki said...

Bad Ass my friend!

Canowine said...

this one goes out to you!

RC666 said...

Hey isn't this supposed to be in the shittiest shit ever shat?

Canowine said...

hey the keoki, did you hear a distant voice calling from the toilet?

RC666 said...

Hey Not my fault remixes suck man. The original was so much better. People just need to leave the good classics alone!

Canowine said...


Anonymous said...

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