Friday, May 27, 2005

Friday Live, Vol. 1

Recently, the keoki suggested that we start doing a covers day, where we post a cover song and the original. It's a great idea. I thought I'd modify it a little bit, because I also had an idea to post live songs every Friday, sort of a "mini-concert" and calling it Friday Live. So Friday Live shall be a collection of five live songs, including at least one live cover.

Sonic Youth - I Know There's An Answer (Beach Boys cover - 1993)

Sonic Youth - I Don't Want to Walk Around With You (Ramones Cover - Chicago, 1987)

REM - White Tornado (Live in Studio)

Arcade Fire - Born on a Train (Magnetic Fields over)

Beck - Do You Realize (KCRW 2002 solo Flaming Lips cover)


The Keoki said...

And Canowine shall now be known as "El Fantistico"!!!!

That Girl said...

you're not going to like this, but i love the "real love" cover by mike doughty. you should check it out anyway...

Canowine said...

I just listened to the live cover was good! Thanks for the tip.

That Girl said...

welcome! i love him. bought tickets this morning to see him live at the recher in june.

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