Thursday, May 26, 2005

Plane mp3s from Hello More

Popmatters says
After a quick, atmospheric intro, "Western Avenue" takes its place as a fantastic, multi-layered slow burn, and "Heart and Soul" contains the best set of xylophone-sounding synth lines since "Hey Ya".

Splendid Magazine says Plane's Hello More
is equal parts catchy, heartbreaking and confounding. For every explosion of brilliant songwriting and dizzying production, with guitars dancing from left speaker to right speaker and video game noises and samples popping in and out of the mix, there is a thirty second song that was recorded on an answering machine. Yes, that's true. It's maddening and it might just be a masterpiece..."Western Avenue" and "Heart & Soul" open the disc with a vicious one-two punch; each song is sad, yet danceable.

According to Popmatters, the album peters out after the first several tracks. Splendid says that of the ten tracks, only four reach any kind of traditional musical conclusion.

It's a difficult, and yes, maddening listen, and it doesn't really hold together as an album. But wow, those four (five for me) tracks are stunners. You'll pop this CD in your player often, and then take it out after your favorite fifteen minutes. As a 5-song EP, Hello More would have been brilliant.

Plane mp3s from Hello More
Western Avenue
Heart and Soul


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