Saturday, May 21, 2005

Personal Ad of the Week

It's my birthday, and don't I love it.

The Washington City Paper. It's a goldmine if you're looking for that "special" someone. Here are excerpts from this week's Personal Ad of the Week:

The epitome of a man
Ladies this is the epitome of a man. 6'5 215 black male in the Wash DC metro area . An insecure and superficial woman need not reply. Not a little girl: a woman for the epitome of a man.

My favorite physical activity is: Playing basketball and then go work with the weights also jog.

If I could have a dinner party and invite any four people, dead or alive, the guest list would be: All family including ones incarcerated Biggie ,Tupac and Rick James??#%%? .

If I could change one thing about DC, it would be: TRAFFIC AND HYPROCRISY

One thing people are surprised to find out about me is: HOW LONG iAM

The last concert I went to was: cAN'T REMEMBER

My hottest feature is: MY CHEST

nice body lights my fire and beingsuperficial burns the house down.

I wouldn't sell being who you are for a billion dollars.

I love my birthday.

If I get cat-called walking down the street I usually bigblac

My favorite place to get my morning cup a' joe is drink it

My favorite political news source is ebony

When a friend brings up a politics, I usually conservate

If I could be appointed to any political position, it would be liberial

So ladies, if you are looking to conservate with Epitome Longfellow at your local Drink It cafe, click on the link above. He won't be long getting back to you. Or maybe he will.


Anonymous said...

The hilarious thing about that ad is how it says we would be *surprised* by his length. Which could, um, go either way, but given what the usual stereotype is, the line seems to imply that we would be surprised at his shortcomings.

Anonymous said...

wow, how can a girl say no to that.

Earl Jenkin™ said...

lol, that's great.

Arethusa said...

I'm embarrassed, but when I read the word "conservate" in his post, I actually googled it.

Is Ebony a political mag? Things have changed since I was a wee lass.

Also what is a "bigblac"? Is that a DC thing?

Canowine said...

arethusa -

rolling on the floor, first thing monday!

okay, so you made me curious. I had to google it this morning, and dictionary.commed it. It seems like a word, doesn't it?

I think bigblac is a Mr. Epitome thing, though I have seen it before on a cell phone here in D.C. You know, when you turn it on, and you get that opening message. We called this guy "bigblac" for the rest of the morning.

So...did anybody call him?