Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Shittiest Shit Ever Shat, volume 4

It's like being lost in heaven. And then you play the song.

It's new release day, and you're excited about your new music. You thought you were going to get through the day without listening to a bad song.

You were wrong.

Wrong, because it's Shittiest Shit day, and boy have we got a steaming turd for you. I downloaded this and wondered for a moment if I might have liked it for a moment, you know, as a guilty pleasure. I mean, Debbie Gibson is such a sweetheart, and how cute was she in that polka-dot skirt and loop earrings in the Only in My Dreams video.

Then I played the song, and in my disgust, was comforted to absolutely know that there is absolutely no way that I ever liked this.

Here are some of the lyrics. They're several degrees of magnitude crappier than a Hallmark card poem:

I get lost, in your eyes
And I feel my spirits rise
And soar like the wind
Is it love that I am in?
I get weak in a glance
Isn't this what's called romance?
And that's what I know
Cause when I'm lost
I can't let go.

So here ya go:
Debbie Gibson - Lost in Your Eyes (mp3) (From the triple platinum Electric Youth, 1989)

You know you're strangely compelled to download and listen. Go on ahead. Nobody's watching.


RC666 said...

That is fuckin awesome putting your face in Debbie's crotch and boob!!

Anonymous said...

Where did she find those weird pasties. Looks like one fell from her one udder and got stuck to her

Canowine said...

Those pasties are hot. I should start selling them. First, I need to come up with a better shape.

rc666, I gotta keep it clean for the kiddies. Beats the hell out of black bars.

That Girl said...

umm...don't you know it's DEBORAH now? She's always annoyed me.

I think your pasties should be in a flower shape...with tassles from your nose.

Canowine said...

that girl -

okay, let me write this down...flowers...tassles...and how many would you like to order?

Arethusa said...

I could only listen to the first minute. Is she the girl who wrote her own lyrics and so was better than the rockin' Tiffany who did that neat video where she danced in the mall?

Playboy had much better pics in the 70's/80's.

Canowine said...

Yes, Debbie Now Deborah wrote her own songs. I wouldn't have claimed them. I would have said "no way, someone else wrote that crap. I just sing them."

HANS said...

Your face over her tits and snatch make that photo very tasteful.