Tuesday, May 10, 2005

BBC Reviews Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith - "a chunky, funky space opera spectacular"

Fancy a spot of tea?

Good news first: George Lucas has delivered the film Star Wars fans have been praying for. Yes, it's true: Revenge Of The Sith kicks geek botty.

The relentless tedium of The Phantom Menace and appalling acting of Attack Of The Clones can be forgotten. Revenge Of The Sith strings a complex plot onto a framework of practically non-stop action...

...a bleak, bloody atmosphere that's shocking and occasionally even moving.

The full review is here. BBC gave it four stars out of five.

What the hell is a "botty?"

The Times Online (UK) says:

It has been remarked that if George Lucas could, he would choose to make a Star Wars movie without any actors in it at all. That would be a mistake. After two questionable disappointments, Revenge of the Sith serves up the anticipated answers with a flourish. But it is the spark of humanity that sets it apart from its predecessors, not its grand pyrotechnics.

This is Local London says:

...the movie comes to life in a more rich and complex manner than any of its predecessors. It is where the Star Wars saga grows up and comes of age. Star Wars started as a fairytale of a princess being rescued by a blue-eyed Prince Charming character and a fight against an evil masked warlord and ends as something of a violent philosophical debate about the essence of good and evil, human nature, politics and fate.

Lucas also seems to have drawn parallels between the Star Wars universe and our world there are similarities between the rise of Vader's Empire and Hitler's Nazis, and there also seems to be a veiled critique of President George W Bush...Like the best of the Star Wars films, this is a movie you will want to see again and again. It breathes new life into the series...


darth said...

ok...all these positive reviews are starting to freak me out...almost makes me want to SEE it now, ffs.

Canowine said...

It is almost surreal. This weekend I saw Ebert and Roeper give it two thumbs up. Newsweek also said it's good, but they only relied on one source.

darth said...

maybe its a reverse of attack of the clones..the original trailer was pretty cool, just the movie blew-i'm not impressed with the sith trailer, so.....


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