Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Duplex - mp3s from Ablum: Figure 8 and Pooing and Peeing

Here's the lineup for Duplex!'s irresistably catchy, charming children's album, Ablum (from Minty):
Abe Caruso (xylophone/harmonica. Age: 3. Member of the Abe Caruso Project). Annie Wilkinson (bass. Age: 37. Member of Great Aunt Ida, the Beekeepers). Justin Kellam (drums. Age: 32. Member of Mint recording artists p:ano). Matt Caruso (guitar. Age: 35. Member of the Beekeepers). Saoirse Soley (keyboards/guitars. Age: 11. Member of M. Michelle's Grade 6/7 class & the Leaky Heaven Circus). Sierra Terhoch (piano/toys. Age: 11. Member of M. Michelle's Grade 6/7). Shaun Brodie (trumpet. Age: 25. member of the Neins, AC Newman). Veda Hille (piano/organ. Age: 35. Member of herself). Everybody sings!Fans of kids' entertainers like Dan Zanes (or for that matter any parent who is sick of suffering at the hands of Elmo or Barney) owe it to themselves and their kids to give Duplex a spin. Word to your mothers and your kids." Features members of AC Newman, p:ano & M. Michelles grade 6 class.


Now that you've looked at the picture, read the lineup, and doubt that they're actually good, listen to these mp3s. Not since School House Rock has "children's" music been so catchy.

Figure 8
Pooing and Peeing


OfJoseph said...

creepy...i like it!

Canowine said...

It takes a little bit of a warped mind. I like it too.

bree said...

Thanks for posting the mp3s - I'm really curious about the music but I'm not about to buy the album without hearing samples first!