Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Owen Pallett Answers Your Final Fantasy Questions

From Everyhumanstep.com.

I'm launching a Final Fantasy specific website. It's www.finalfantasyeternal.com.

It will have: ways you can buy merchandise! Exclusive MP3s and videos! Drawings of trolls!

It's going to be illustrated by my wonderful roommate John McCurly.

When? Very soon. This week or next week.

If you would like to buy the Final Fantasy CD (or Les Mouches CDs), visit: www.blocksblocksblocks.com.

E-mail: steven.kado@utoronto.ca.

The Final Fantasy CD won't ship for another week or so, I'm doing up a lyric book.

Lyrics will be also posted on the new website.

There are no immediate plans for any local Final Fantasy or Les Mouches shows because I want to finish a couple of 7"s and start rehearsing Les Mouches again.

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