Friday, February 04, 2005

Absorbent and Yellow and Tolerant is He!

I received an "urgent" e-mail message today with a link to this letter from Dr. James Dobson.

Here's a paragraph from the letter:

I’m sure you can see, now, why I expressed great concern about the intention of the We Are Family Foundation in using SpongeBob and company to promote the theme of "tolerance and diversity," which are almost always buzzwords for homosexual advocacy. It seems evident that had this connection not been exposed, the materials accompanying the video would have promoted a pro-homosexual ideology. Again, why do I believe that? Simply put, it’s because the past is often the best predictor of the future. In addition to the above material, a 2003 manual, produced in partnership with the We Are Family Foundation, featured exercises that attempted to equate homosexuality with immutable characteristics, such as race or gender.

Imagine my delight when I came across this pic of Spongebob and Patrick on the Lifeteen of the Rockies youth ministry website:

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