Monday, February 07, 2005

mp3 - Al Dexter - Pistol Packin' Mama

From the Handbook of Texas Online:

Clarence Albert Poindexter, country and western singer known as Al Dexter, was born in Jacksonville, Texas, in 1902. While working as a house painter, Dexter began performing in local bars and clubs...In the late 1930s Dexter owned a honky tonk himself, called the Roundup Club in Turnertown, Texas. Through his experiences there and in other roadhouses, Dexter developed the idea for his future hit, "Pistol Packin' Mama."...The record was released in 1943 and in its first six months sold one million copies. The song "Pistol Packin' Mama," a controversial number due to its lyrics, remained at Number One on Billboard Magazine's best sellers chart for eight weeks.

From the Nashville Songwriters Foundation Hall of Fame:

Inspiration for "Pistol Packin' Mama" came from a waitress in a roadhouse Dexter owned in the East Texas oilfields (song was written partly on a paper napkin); she was chased through a barbed wire fence by the gun-toting wife of the man she was seeing.

From Pistol Packin' Mama:

I’ll see you every night, babe,
I’ll woo you every day.
I’ll be your reg’lar daddy
If you put that gun away.

Lay that pistol down, babe,
Lay that pistol down.
Pistol packin’ mama,
Lay that pistol down.

Al Dexter - Pistol Packin' Mama (mp3)

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