Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Hank Collective - Be True to Your School (Beach Boys cover) (mp3)

It's short, but it will make you smile for the entire 1:39. With the obligatory 80's style synth opening the song, and not much more added after vocals, it's deceivingly spare. According to Hank Collective's 25 November 2004 news post, "Our newest completed number (if we had enough money, we'd release it and call it our New Single) is a cover of the Beach Boys classic Be True To Your School"

Hank Collective - Be True to Your School (mp3)

I got this and many more mp3s here, including God Slick (mp3).

Check out their spiffy album covers page.

Also, from an interview at

Who are you? Why are you here? Where are you going? My name is Cab Williamson and I live well. I am here because they threw me out of the United Kingdom. I am speaking to you at the moment, but soon I will be venturing outside to buy some fruit. You need fruit in your life. Ask any doctor.
Who/how many people now comprise the Hank Collective? What are their roles? The nature of the Collective means that there’s an ever-changing roster of participants willing to sacrifice their self-esteem and stand up on stage next to me as I bask in glory. Actually, in many ways they are Hank. They’re more than co-vocalists. Have you seen the way they dance? Yeah, very provocative. At the minute we’re rehearsing with Isaac, Paige, Day, Angela and KB.


Arethusa said...

Hahahaha, I just gave a listen to this one and you were right: had me smiling from beginning to end. Nice find.

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