Friday, February 25, 2005

How to be a Superheroine and not Flop

Rachel Bilson as Summer Roberts as Wonder Woman
on The O.C. My heroine.

Here's Christina Larson, on why Elektra and Catwoman flopped despite the female starpower and fetishwear, from Seven Mistakes Superheroines Make, in the Washington Monthly, via ALDaily.

Superheroines since the 1970s—from Wonder Woman to Princess Leia, Charlie's Angels to Lara Croft, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" to "Alias's" Sydney Bristow have all followed a few simple rules to find success on the big and little screen. And every would-be action babe who has flopped has broken at least one of them. So what's the secret?

1. Do fight demons. Don't fight only inner demons.
2. Do play well with others. Don't shun human society.
3. Do exhibit self-control. Don't exhibit mental disorders.
4. Do wear trendy clothes. Don't wear fetish clothes.
5. Do embrace girl power. Don't cling to man hatred.
6. Do help hapless men. Don't try to kill your boyfriend.
7. Do toss off witty remarks. Don't look perpetually sullen.

In the real world, we men prefer that our heroines follow the don'ts. So Wonder Women wannabes, copy and paste. Just make sure you delete #4 first. And take it easy with the lasso.


Arethusa said...

I bought an issue of the Wonder Woman comics when I was a kid. I wonder if it's still at home somewhere...

You watch the OC?

Canowine said...

Yes! I waste an hour most Thursday nights sitting in front of crap. It's my guilty pleasure. One of them, anyway.

I started watching it because I was fascinated with the symbiotic relationship between indie music and the show - artists get exposure by being announced in the closing credits in exchange for the show attempting to earn its "hip" badge. Lame, but fascinating. The last thing I want to think of when I listen to a favorite song is Seth lying in bed, thinking of Summer. I think Dawson's Creek did the same kind of thing, but I'm not sure.

Now, though, I watch it for the lesbians.

RC666 said...

Hey the O.C. is not crap, ok it is but it's still one of the best shows on TV which is kind of sad. It is just like Dawson's creek, saved by the ball, Beverly hills 90210. They are all the same principal.

#4 is wrong, their is nothing wrong with wearing Fetish clothes, there just has to be more though. Like catwoman, she had the clothes and the sexy look, but that was it.

Canowine said...

I've never seen Saved by the "Ball", but it sounds interesting. Is it something you downloaded?

Arethusa said...

I actually used to watch it when I had a tv, I'm just not used to men admitting to this habit in public. :P

Canowine said...

You don't have a TV? *gasp!* :)

A lot of men watch the show. Yes, they do, and I'm trying to be a leader of men and tell them it's okay to watch the O.C. And it's okay to watch Desperate Housewives. As long as you don't have your dawgs come over for chips and coke for an O.C. or D.H party, you still have testosterone.

RC666 said...

Saved by the bell, leave me alone remember spelling isn't my strong poitn, well nothing is really. There are a lot of haters out there (ECH!) who are just mad that they can't comprehend the complex story line. Everyone is complicated. SO does that mean u don't have any testosterone there canowine, you keep tryin to invite me over on Thus and Sun for chips and TV.

Canowine said...

The invites are the least I can do, RC666, in return for your generous invitations to those Pentagram PJ Parties and the Virgin Hunts.

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