Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Love Potion I'll Decline

Martha McClintock and Natasha Spencer, psychologists at the University of Chicago, may have found chemical compounds that increase female sexual motivation. Strangely, the potion comes not from hunky men but from breast-feeding women and their infants.

Studying the mechanism behind this effect could yield new treatments for women with low libidos and further establish the reality of human pheromones. The treatments are still a long way off, McClintock warns...Meanwhile, she is also pondering the evolutionary significance of her discovery. “For most of human history, fertility was limited by the environmental conditions and food available to potential mothers,” McClintock says. “A successful birth nearby would have been the best signal to infertile women that it was a good time to get pregnant.”

-from There’s Nothing Sexier Than a . . . Nursing Mom? in

One problem. If the experimental subjects knew what the compounds were and where they came from, they might have been weirded out and turned off. I'd have to be beyond desperate before I rub eau de nipcharge on my neck.


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