Monday, April 18, 2005

Spaceways Inc. mp3s - Sun Ra & Funkadelic Covers from Thirteen Cosmic Standards

Spaceways Incorporated sees [Ken] Vandermark further exploring his muse, and paying tribute to those whose music influenced his. On Thirteen Cosmic Standards, the trio of Vandermark, bassist Nate McBride, and drummer Hamid Drake cover the songs of Sun Ra and Funkadelic...The trio let loose some deep, dark, and dirty funk, swimming in sax squeal, upright and electric bass and drumming frenzy..., October 2000

Spaceways Incorporated covers self-described "cosmic standards" from Sun Ra and George Clinton. Clinton in funk and Ra in jazz, both innovators in their respective fields, never received major attention or reached mass audiences. Their music tends to be complicated, lengthy, and not easily swallowed. Vandermark untangles and simplifies lines, covering the music almost straight. Playing these large ensemble giants in trio also helps. The music is like candy, not sweet yummies but fireballs., September 2000

Spaceways Inc., from Thirteen Cosmic Standards by Sun Ra and Funkadelic:

Alice in My Fantasies/Cosmic Slop (mp3)
Red Hot Mama/Super Stupid (mp3)

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