Monday, April 11, 2005

Beck - Lost Cause (Live on Leno) - video and mp3

Let's see...the assertive, danceable Odelay is followed by the downtempo, acoustic-driven Mutations, which is followed by the electro-soul on Midnite Vultures, followed by the lush yet slow Sea Change. Now we've got Guero. I think I'm seeing some sort of pattern here. Well, probably not. This is Beck we're talking about.

How do I like my Beck? I love all of the above, plus all of his other stuff. The album I play depends on my mood, but whatever my mood, it's always a real treat to hear just the man and his Martin D-28.

Lost Cause is one of my favorite Beck songs, and this live Leno performance, from October 10th, 2002, is one of my favorite versions of it. He played the same song with the Flaming Lips on Letterman, and that was also a great version, but I prefer the intimacy of this one. He changes the words around in this performance. It's a little weird at first, but you get used to it and realize that it makes sense after a couple of listens.

This is for all the skinny white aging acoustic guitar playing troubadours who will imagine, as they watch and play along, that it's them in Beck's place, and could be, if only they had the "X" factor.

Beck - Lost Cause (Live on Leno) (mpg) (mp3)

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