Monday, April 04, 2005

Eels - Two mp3s From Blinking Lights

In the April issue of ICE, the Eels' E says Blinking Lights and Other Revelations, their upcoming double-disc album, is "about the feeling of living a life and what it all adds up to and what's behind it - from birth ['From Which I Come/Magic World'] to death [Checkout Blues, Suicide Life, and Things the Grandchildren Should Know]."

E adds, "Things the Grandchildren Should Know is probably the most nakedly autobiographical thing I've ever written."

If this song, with its heartbreaking Daniel Johnston-like lyrics, doesn't move you, you're an android and need only listen to techno. Same goes for Hey Man (Now You're Really Living), in which E tells us what it is to live the life.

Eels - Things the Grandchildren Should Know (mp3)
Eels - Hey Man (Now You're Really Living) (mp3)

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