Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Anne Summers mp3s: Cul-de-Sac of Pain and Judy Jones: There's Going to be Blood in the Valley!

Rewind to 1997: D.C.'s Anne Summers created some of the funniest music of the year on The Dandy. Quirky, witty, and sarcastic, Anne Summers charmed me with 13 solid tracks of guitar-based indie power pop, and I still listen to them the way I would the Ramones. There's an over-generous review of The Dandy here.

Cul de Sac of Pain is a hilarious song about a suburban gang from Leonardtown, borne out of the bored lives of "Joey" and "Matthew," and Judy Jones, their ode to personal decay and death.

Anne Summers mp3s:

Cul-de-Sac of Pain
Judy Jones

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