Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Aimee Mann - I Can't Get My Head Around It (mp3)

The playful opening bass lines dance around the acoustic guitar chords, setting up her instantly recognizable voice, and immediately show that Aimee Mann continues to write and sing the ultra-melodic, sincere, un-polluted songs that we've come to expect. From her upcoming release (May 3), "The Forgotten Arm." A definite buy.

Aimee Mann - I Can't Get My Head Around It (mp3)

Download a live version of "She Really Wants You" here.


Anonymous said...

She has been on WRNR's playlist this week and they have also announced her concert info. She will be playing at Ram's Head Live in Baltimore MD.

Canowine said...

Let's do it!

The Keoki said...

me and the wife are guys should come