Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Jackson 5 - I Want You Back (DJ Z-Trip Remix) from Motown Remixed

Just when you thought you never needed to hear this song again...you were DEAD WRONG!!

Before you scoff, did you know that the original Jackson 5 song is #120 on Rolling Stone's Top 500 Songs Of All Time? Now you know.

I still hear you scoffing. Did you also know that, according to RS, "'I Want You Back' was the song that introduced Motown to the futuristic funk beat of Sly Stone and James Brown"? That it was sampled in Jay-Z's "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)."?

Still you scoff. You feel that the age of remixes and mash-ups are indicative of a culture that suffers from a lack of originality, and the companies releasing these records stink of greed.

Well, we're posting this anyway, because just as you can't judge a book by its cover (as the cliche goes), or a movie without having seen it, you can say nothing about a song until you've listened. Who knows, you just might find yourself having fun with it. From the forthcoming Motown Remixed, out May 24.

Jackson 5 - I Want You Back (DJ Z-Trip Remix)

Hear more of Motown Remixed here.


The Keoki said...

Who are these scoffers that you speak of? Where are they? We need to go on a coast-to-coast beat down of these people ala "Jay and Silent Bob" because The Jackson 5 was and still remains the shit!!! I tell you what, that's a great track Cano and I can't wait to hear the rest of that album.

PS Remixes and the like, rock!

The Keoki said...

And futhermore, that itty bitty guitar lick is brilliant....and just listen to that bassline coming at ya from the 70s baby!

Anonymous said...

I must be very uncool because I love Jackson 5. It was when Michael Jackson was cute!

The Keoki said...

no you're not uncool, you're super cool actually!!!

Canowine said...

I have pre-rebuffed the scoffers in my post. They're out there, but we won't be hearing from them in these comments. Any naysaying means that the person is judgmental, unfun, and a snob with no reverence for the classics.

And anonymous, you are coolus maximus. Unless you're a dude, in which case we'll be taking your man card now.

SugarDuck said...

Michael Jackson has turned into such a freak that it's easy to forget how amazingly talented he was until you happen to hear one of the old songs.

Canowine said...

Oh, baby, give him one more chance! Or not.

The Keoki said...

that's what he keeps saying to his plastic surgeon about his nose! thank you! i'm here all week! tip your waitresses.

Canowine said...

more like: oh, baby, gib be wud bore chadce!