Sunday, April 17, 2005

Funkadelic, from America Eats its Young

The Keoki, you hit the nail on the head, and now I must post a follow to your follow, because you mentioned George Clinton and P-Funk in the same breath as Prince. Since there ain't no Prince without there first being a Funkadelic, here's the latter to go with the former.

Mp3s from America Eats Its Young (1972):

Loose Booty
Wake Up


The Keoki said...

Great post brother!! Very filthy! I saw Clinton at Lalapalooza in '94 and they kicked a lot of ass, although I've never seen so many people on one stage at one time. It was really freaky!

Canowine said...

This is craaazy! I saw GC at Lollapalooza the SAME YEAR! Almost as freaky as seeing the Tibetan monks. Badass. And how about the Beasties?

The Keoki said...

They were brilliant! They weren't even the headliner that year, The Pumpkins headlined the fest during that edition. But no one stayed for SP, when the Beasties left the stage I'd say half of the audience up and left. As did I, I had seen what I came to see!