Friday, April 15, 2005

Guten Tag: I'm It. Young MC's Roll With the Punches and Fiery Furnaces' Sing for Me

I've been blog-tagged.

Sorry, Arethusa, I really couldn't find anything in a song that pins me down. But since you tagged me I had to choose two songs, so I pick these.

Young MC - Roll With The Punches (mp3). Always good advice. It's what you do when you bust a move and the move backfires. Rolling with the punches isn't possible if you don't anticipate them. Sometimes I hate that I do this, but when things are going really, really well for me I start looking for oil slicks and falling anvils, and flying fists. On the other hand, when life is shit I know that good times are near. That's what this 1989 song is all about.

Fiery Furnaces - Sing for Me (mp3). I'm coming close to the end of my military assignment here just outside of Washington, D.C., and there's a good chance that I'll be heading overseas within the 10 months or so for an "unaccompanied tour." I'm always excited about travel and little adventures, but I've become close to my friends here, and of course I will also miss family, including my new baby girl. Tthis song is full of hope, and heartbreaking. REM's Untitled track from GREEN would have worked just as well.

So, I suppose I have to tag someone else now and make him/her "it."

RC666, you know what to do. Let me guess...You're going to pick Freebird by Skynyrd and something by Marilyn Manson? hehe.


RC666 said...

WHat's the game? I pick a song and say something cool about it? WHat's the rules?

What's with the popups on here now? Everythime I check it I get a popup, don't tell me you sold out.

Canowine said...

You have to pick two songs on your computer or mp3 player that describe you. See here. I don't know what you're talking about with the popups. They don't come up on mine.

Arethusa said...

No pop ups on mine either, and nothing indicates that any got blocked. Hmm...looks like someone has crap on their computer!

Thanks for playing Canowine :->

RC666 said...

I just have a bunch of porn. But it poped up at work and home. 2 songs thats like Donnie Darko, you can't fit an enire prtson into 2 categories, fear and love. I'll try, might take me a couple days.

Canowine said...

Yeah, RC666, Arethusa's right, you might want to spybot/adaware.

You speaka my language RC666, you speaka my language with the DD talk.