Monday, April 25, 2005

Read This Post, You've Read Them All.

Download these songs. This movie was sentimental and trite. This is the view of the night sky from our cabin in the mountains. Vote Kerry. Vote Bush. Vote Nader. Don’t Vote. I self disclose/In poetic form/On my blog. Murakami this, Murakami that. Catch our free show at the coffee shop. Work bites. Finals bite. The concert rocked and I was smashed here are some blurry pictures. Aren’t my kids cute. Ain’t my dog cute. Britney, Jessica, Lindsey, Brad and Jen. Superman Batman. Good porn here. Jesus saves. Religion kills. Evidence that the right is right. My new tat is hot, here’s a pic :-). Evidence that the left is right. Win and help me win a free iPod. The pho is really tasty here. Recipe. Arcade Fire. Interpol. Which Friends character are you? I slept with two random guys last night, I was so wasted, gotta go cuz I need to shower. Check out my buddy’s blog. My date sucked. Currently reading. Currently listening to. This perv is stalking me online. Wtf? Lol! Use this script to fix your bug. Dig this gadget. Dig this trailer. Musings, ramblings, rants, meanderings, thoughts. Like our design? Let us help you design yours. I painted this last year at the lake. Here’s a really good article about x. Quote from. I feel this way about this news. My arthritis has let up a bit, but the irritable bowel syndrome is destroying my life. Check out these stills. He left me this morning. Maybe I’ll kill myself. I’m going to update soon, I promise. I’m buying these new releases. I’m trying this kinky new move. Did I miss something?


Chris said...

nope, that pretty much covers it. great post.

Guess Who said...

did you miss something...? uh, yeah! hows about "the new Star Wars movie is going to - insert adjective here"

Canowine said...

"Rule" is the adjective you seek.

I think we covered that one with a couple of the statements up there.

By the way, the Force has revealed your identity. We know who you are.

Canowine said...

P.S. Never play Mad Libs with Jedi.

The Keoki said...

Don't vote Nader....Vote Vader!!!

Anonymous said...

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