Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Where's today's mp3 post?

Good question. There is none, because today we debut our hot new Q&A feature, ASK UNCLE TOM. Look over there on the right sidebar, and you'll find a very trustworthy-looking fellow smiling at you. That's UNCLE TOM. He has an answer for any question you can think up. Just click on "ASK UNCLE TOM" to e-mail him a question. Anything's game.


The Keoki said...

Trustworthy my ass, he looks like he has something to hide!!!

Will Ferrell said...

Dear Uncle Tom,

Why don't you like Anchorman? I worked really hard on that!

The Keoki said...

i think it's obvious Will, looking at that picture and having heard stance on Anchorman I can only deduce that his heart is three sizes too small!!!