Friday, March 04, 2005

Billie Holiday - Speak Low (Bent Remix) (mp3)

It's trendy to be a female throwback jazz singer these days. A lot of the new batch are compared to the great Billie Holiday: Norah Jones, Jolie Holland, Madeleine Peyroux (who sounds most like her), and others. Certainly, some of the new singers are paying homage by emulating the timeless Ms. Holiday.

Nottingham, England's Bent pay homage in their own way, with their remix of Speak Low, from the upcoming Verve Remixed 3.

The Verve website has this to say about the Bent remix:

In meeting the challenge of working with one of the most recognizable yet heart-wrenching voices in music, the English group Bent heap great reverence on Billie Holiday by preserving the intense intimacy that colored all her music. Bent, popular for their lush, organic dance-floor escapes, show a knack for nuance and instrumentation on their version of "Speak Low," gently smearing Holiday's muted tones and turning the song into part nighttime samba, part orchestral serenade.

Billie Holiday - Speak Low (Bent Remix)


Arethusa said...

Norah Jones has been compared to BILLIE HOLIDAY? What sort of drugs was that person on and how can we ensure that no one else uses it?

I never thought she was jazz anyway. She just has the image. Her latest album was more country than anything else.

Canowine said... is on those drugs. So is PopMatters. Not surprisingly, Rolling Stone is on the same drug.

I'm not on the same drug. The only person who reminds me of Billie Holiday is Madeleine Peyroux .

Those music reviewer-types have to make their obligatory comparisons, and sometimes they make lazy ones. When I don't agree with the comparisons, I'll use that passive voice and say something like "has been compared to." When I agree, I'll say "she sounds like..."

I'm not concerned so much with which category of music Norah fits into. Artists often fuse country, blues, and jazz, and come up with something fantastic. Norah makes great music, and that's all that matters to me.

Arethusa said...

Oh I didn't think that you were doing the comparisons (aside from Peyroux which you made a note of).

I don't particularly care about categories except as a warning of what I will probably not care for; I like a lot of music but not all kinds. I just never got the "jazz" thing with Jones is all. Jazzy elements sure but then Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and Bjork use that as well and I don't hear anyone rushing to call them jazz musicians. Maybe I am something of a purist. :P

I thought Jones' latest album was really good: before then I found her music good enough to steal a few tracks of but not great enough to warrant a purchase.

Canowine said...

A purist, as all true jazz fans ought to be!

I use categories as a warning, too. I guess they're good for something, after all.

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