Friday, March 25, 2005

Oscar Romero Anniversary

One day in my Catholic high school Religion class our teacher announced we were going to watch a movie. Usually this was great news as it meant two or three free days of class. One time we got to watch Raiders of the Lost Ark ostensibly for its relevance to biblical archeology when we were studying bible history. I think my (female) teacher secretly just wanted to see Harrison Ford. No lessons for three days to watch Raiders was probably the highlight of my freshman year religion class experience.

This time the movie, Romero, was depressing but really good. The excellent Raul Julia is brilliant as the title character. Today is the 25th anniversary of Archbishop Oscar Romero's assasination. Jesuit priest John Dear has a good piece about him here. (via A Tiny Revolution)

UPDATE: Sorry, it was March 24, 1980, not 25.


Canowine said...

You had me at "Catholic high school," SD. You had me at "Catholic high school."

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