Friday, March 25, 2005

A Bunnybrains Public Service Announcement: Drugs No Way! (mp3)

Drugs? No Way!!!

Hey, moms and dads: It's never a bad time to talk about drugs. You can use the first mp3 here as an instructional aid.

And hey, kids! Using isn't cool. Bunnybrains reminds us here in this kid-friendly jingle.

Bunnybrains - Drugs No Way! (mp3)

And here they do a Sonic Youth impersonation. God, that really sounds like Lee Ranaldo, who gets high on music.

Bunnybrains - Onic Outh (mp3)

Both tracks from the Narnack sampler (see yesterday's Fast Fourier post).


The Keoki said...

That was when PSA's were cool! Now it's all about Debra Messing telling us to eat something! I was just reminiscing about the GI Joe PSAs at the end of every episode.

Oh no Tommy was playing with matches and nearly burnt his house down.
(Barbeque) "You shouldn't play with matches Tommy"

(Tommy) "Wow, it's Barbeque from GI Joe!"

(Barbeque) "Playing with matches is dangerous and can cause injury and massive amounts of damage."

(Tommy) "Thanks Barbeque, now I know!"



Now that's a friggin' sweet PSA and so is Canowine's post and that was my point if i still have one.

Canowine said...

They used to be better. But this newer one is good (Quicktime required):

Free Fall

Arethusa said...

I don't remember those PSA's at the end of G I Joe. My brain is getting old.

Anonymous said...

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