Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Soel (Presented by St. Germain) - Le Vicomte (mp3)

Turn it up, and don't even try to remain in your chair. You won't find anything else on St. Germain trumpeter Pascal Ohse's (who is Soel) upcoming Memento approach the tangential rhythmicity of this hyperactive track. The rest of the album consists of a subtler fusion of jazz, soul, funk, and ambience in varying degrees, and demands closer listening than the pulsating Le Vicomte. Shining Pain (mp3) is loose jazzy fun, and To This World (mp3) asks a hard question after lulling you with ambience that slowly fuses with a soulful voice.

Soel - Le Vicomte (mp3)


drfeelgoed said...

Just listening to 'Le Vicomte', excellent.
This is a good example of why I enjoy going round the music blogs, at times I find stuff (like this) which otherwise I would have never encountered.
Many thanks!

Canowine said...

My pleasure. Your artwork is brilliant, by the way.

-epm said...

Great stuff. Looks like it's off to iTunes music store for me... again.

"To this World" is like hot tea pouring over ice... like driving through the desert in an a well chilled BMW Z4.

Canowine said...

epm - Wish I could imagine that kind of driving experience. Wait, wait....ahhh, there it is. Aaaannnd back to reality - 10 miles per hour on the Capital Beltway.

-epm said...

And me... bumping over the frost heaved back roads of New Hampshire in my '93 Chevy S10 with one dead headlight, a broken heater vent on the driver's side, and a bed full of trash for the dump. Ahhh, That's livin'

Listening to "To this World" a second and third time it seemed it was missing something. For the longest time I couldn't put my finger on it. Then, in a moment of clarity, it came to me.... more cow bell. :) Now I want you to listen to the song again, with your eyes closed, and try not to think "more cow bell, more cow bell."