Thursday, March 31, 2005

British Sea Power - How Will I Ever Find My Way Home (mp3)

This is from British Sea Power's new album, Open Season, due out next week.

Open Season was the Guardian's Pop CD of the Week last week. Read the review here.

From the review:

Not just a marvellous album, Open Season comes with optimism attached. In recent years, record labels have apparently developed both a secret process for surgically depriving rock bands of their personality and a fiendish advance in studio technology by which generic Coldplay-style ballads can be produced at the flick of a switch. A depressingly number of bands have submitted to both in the search for chart success, but there has to be another way. Open Season shows there is. It's a triumphant lesson in sweeping gracefully towards the mainstream with your imagination and mystery intact, in becoming part of the scenery without jettisoning the desire to drape yourself in greenery.

The burning guitars and smart lyrics in this track should be all the supporting statement you need to believe that last sentence.

I'm leaving here, getting out of this place
I'm leaving here, getting out of this place
Only certain kinds of people can take these things.

British Sea Power - How Will I Ever Find My Way Home (mp3)


Arethusa said...

I need your username and password to listen to the mp3. Hand it over, please!

Canowine said...

crap...sorry about that. saved to the wrong place. let me fix...

Dan said...

Are you sure that's British Sea Power and not The Proclaimers or Kitchens of Distinction or someone? I remember BSP being good... What a difference two years make.

Canowine said...

Dan -

It is BSP. They have transformed. If you don't like this song you probably won't like the rest of the album, either, though this one is the most radio-friendly.

I do dig.

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