Thursday, March 03, 2005

Orgasmic Chemistry in Baltimore

Jess Beaton

Jess Beaton writes "Orgasmic Chemistry," a sex column for the Johns Hopkins University Newsletter. News story in the Baltimore Sun.

From the Sun article:

After Jess Beaton's boss recovered from his initial embarrassment, "Orgasmic Chemistry" became kind of "an office joke" - which got old fast.

"It was funny the first couple of times," she said. "And then it was like, shut up. After a while it was like, let's talk about human rights in Africa. But they always wanted to talk about the sex column."

In her superiors' eyes, she said, the column ultimately seemed to eclipse her professional insights, and almost her whole presence.

Another writer who was a little down on her column experience has been at it the longest. A graduate student at New York University, 29-year-old Yvonne Fulbright has churned out "Sexpert Tells All" for the past four years.

True, the publicity facilitated the promotion of her first book, The Hot Guide to Safer Sex, and helped secure her an agent for a second (at the moment called Twenty Minute Tantric)...

Recent articles include:

Girls can take things into their own hands - about female masturbation. This one has a classic feedback comment that you must read, by a business owner from Michigan who has a pillowcase with Joaquin Phoenix's picture on it...

How to keep a hook-up as just a hook-up

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and my favorite title:

Getting some T&A from your own TA


Arethusa said...

There's no way I'm gonna read all of those links but I just wanted to say...

Masturbation: it does a body good!

The Keoki said...

Lets all give Arethusa a round of applause for making the comments worth reading.

Canowine said...

...Or we can just let her give herself a hand.

I'm marking that down as the best comment ever on the Smudge.

RC666 said...

or like in american pie..."can I give you a hand" sorry just the first thing that came to mind, ok maybe the second.

Arethusa said...

Keoki, surely this is good enough to make up for my Star Wars comment? You know it is.