Monday, March 28, 2005

John Doe mp3s - Ready (w/Kristin Hersh) & Hwy 5 (w/Neko Case)

According to Emusic's review,

Doe's Forever Hasn't Happened Yet is a totally solid record, a very grown-up album with the sort of songs you only get from people who have confronted (not conquered — they can never be conquered) their demons and lived to spin some yarns...

On the album's most X-like track, "Hwy. 5," Doe duets with alt-country darling Neko Case, singing confidently but gently about late-night getaways, yet again tapping the rebel well to cast himself as the lonely wanderer, the outsider who shall never be tamed...Aside the Case cut, there are two with Cindy Lee Berryhill ("Your Parade," "Repeat Performance"), and there's one with Kristin Hersh ("Ready") that sounds just like his old band.

All you needed to read was "totally solid record," right? Adverb-vague adjective-noun, an English professor's nightmare, but no matter. It's in rock fan language, and we can tell the fake and pretentious: the posers. John Doe, though he's grown older and wiser, is neither. You know he's real when you hear the slide on Hwy 5.

John Doe mp3s:

Forever Hasn't Happened Yet (with Kristin Hersh) (mp3)
Hwy 5 (with Neko Case) (mp3 via

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