Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Broken Heart Syndrome

Medical scientists are studying "Broken Heart Syndrome," from Sunday's Washington Post Magazine:

Dr. Ilan Wittstein is a student of the heart. The son of a rabbi, he studied Sufi mysticism and jazz guitar in college along with molecular biology. Now he's a respected cardiologist at one of the world's leading centers of medical science, Johns Hopkins University.

Perusing bookstores off-hours, he's as likely to reach for a tome exploring the brain-wave patterns of meditating monks as he is a more conventional science text, he says. He doesn't think it's a waste of time when he reads that a Harvard neurologist has studied the phenomenon of voodoo deaths -- seemingly healthy people who drop dead after learning they've supposedly been hexed. He thinks that's very interesting...

This past February, just before Valentine's Day, the New England Journal of Medicine publishes the results of the Johns Hopkins research on broken heart syndrome. Ilan Wittstein and Hunter Champion are the lead authors.

The study -- titled "Neurohumoral Features of Myocardial Stunning Due to Sudden Emotional Stress" -- concludes that emotional stress can cause severe but reversible dysfunction of the heart muscle that mimics a heart attack.

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That Girl said...

i posted this back in february, decided that it means you can essentially die of lonliness. for shit's sake take this post down before randy sees it!

RC666 said...

Not from lonliness from broken heart. I already read this. I don't have a broken heart or any sudden emotional stress. It's all constant here.

Canowine said...

I must be behind on my heartbreak news.

We try to keep Randy happy here. There's nothing better for the emotionally disturbed than hearing about someone way more disturbed than you. I think that's why people loved the movie, "The Wall."

RC666 said...

Exactly and don't for get "Requiem".