Thursday, June 02, 2005

Dirtbombs mp3s

The Dirtbombs released If You Don't Already Have a Look, a 2-cd set this Tuesday consisting of singles, b-sides, covers, 8 new recordings, and unreleased tracks.

Their songs have the power and roar of a jet fighter, and they grab you and yank you around like the jaws of a pit bull.

Here's one track from Disc 1 (originals):

The Sharpest Claws (mp3)

and two from Disc 2 (covers):

No Expectations (mp3) (a harsh mix of The Rolling Stones' No Expectations and Sympathy for the Devil, and the Beatles' Hey Jude)

Tanzen Gehn (Hubert Kah cover) (mp3)


The Keoki said...

Just goes to show you that The STONES rocked so fucking hard that we're still catching up....RAWK!!!!

mobilevirgin said...

Good call, mate - cheers for this