Thursday, June 02, 2005

Foosa Nova - Foo Fighters with Norah Jones, New Acoustic Mp3

Get it while it's here, because I'm not leaving it up for long.

I never thought the Foo Fighters could sound so sexy, but then I think Norah could make a Speak 'N' Spell sound sexy if she sang along with it.

From the In Your Honor acoustic disc (Disc 2), out next week!!!:

Foo Fighters (with Norah Jones): Virginia Moon (mp3)


The Keoki said...

You know Dave Grohl should do an album of standards, no joke. Imagine Grohl doing "Fly Me To The Moon"! That's an album I want.

RC666 said...

why are you saying Dave Grohl sounds sexy?

RC666 said...

Wait I should have listened to that first. That shit sucks ass, I am now anti-foo fighters. How dare he do that shit....Oh wait, I'd sell out and do a crappy song to be next to Norah Jones too. I'm so confused.

Canowine said...

rc666 - fear not, this track is not representative of the whole. It's a nice little surprise nestled into disc 2. Nice for those of us who appreciate the finer things, and not the satanic dog vomit you're used to.

Norah will always be welcome to sing on my album. You out there, Norah?

Anonymous said...

why do these links always get broken after a little while? i'm pissed cos i can never dl them :[

Canowine said...

Anonymous: sometimes the record companies don't like them there. E-mail me.