Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Art Brut - MTX Connection

I've been listening to Art Brut's Bang Bang Rock & Roll over and over and over. And over. It's so good, I had to change my list of ten CDs I'd take to a deserted island. Yeah, that good. Maybe I'll give it a proper review when I have enough time to write 5000 words.

So during my time with Art Brut, whenever "Good Weekend" plays, I stop and wonder where the hell I've heard that lick before. Because I have. But whenever enlightenment started to roll off my tongue tip, the Rolling Stones' Satisfaction lick would invade my brain. And then, I'd think, egad, no that's not it. get out of there.

It finally came to me yesterday. A variant of the lick came from Dumb Little Band, a song from the 1996 Mr. T. Experience album, Love is Dead.

There you have it. Compare and contrast. Art Brut's Good Weekend is available at fluxblog. The MTX track is here: Dumb Little Band (mp3)

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