Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday Live

What an eventful week. Here are a few of the things that happened in canowine's world this week:

- I got rear-ended on the beltway.

- The lady who rear ended me had a dog that escaped her car when she got out to give me her information. I saved it from certain death. Maybe I should have let it go. It was a really ugly dog, more porcine than canine, like a giant pig embryo.

- It was the hottest week of the year so far, and the AC at the house went kaput.

- I went from working in my own office space with a door and a window to sharing a glorified closet with six other people.

- I lost the cord for my computer speakers.

- EMI ordered me to remove all mp3s from artists owned by them.

- I removed the EMI mp3s, and the rest of my mp3s were removed by "someone else."

- My transmission needs repair.

- And more.

But you know, it's Friday Live, and that's a wonderful thing. We've got a leitmotif going on for today's edition. See if you can guess it.

Friday Live mp3s:
Sex Pistols - EMI (live, Atlanta, 1978)

Clash - I Fought the Law (live)

Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing (live)

Ringo Starr [NOT THE BEATLES] and his All Star Band - Who Can it Be Now (live)

Comas - Last Transmission (live, KEXP, from

Download the rest of the Comas' excellent KEXP performance and interview here.

And if you don't already own Conductor, you need to buy it now.


RC666 said...

Jane's addiction rocks! That is awesome, Down with the facist fucking record companies!

mike said...

EMI eh? Did you send you some sort of threatening email? "someone else"? How bizarre!

That Girl said...

"- I lost the cord for my computer speakers."

single most traumatizing thing to happen in the workplace.

Canowine said...

rc666 - I am saying nothing about record companies.

mike - yes. yes. and yes.

Canowine said...

that girl - I know. It's worse than the internet being down!

thephoenixnyc said...

Thanks for the Pistols MP3 - a perfect fit for your MP3 situation.

Sorry about your accident. As long as you are okay,

Canowine said...

You're welcome. And we're all okay - both of us drivers AND the dog. Thanks!

Arethusa said...

Anyone you want me to beat up for you? Just say the word!

Ooooo Clash.

darth said...

there's unlimited supply
an' there is no reason why
i tell you it was all a frame
they only did it 'cos of fame


Canowine said...

arethusa - yes, I want you to beat someone up, but I'm not sure who yet, and I'll definitely have to be there!!

darth - E.....

I do not need the pressure
I can't stand the useless fools