Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Blues From Nina

The survey results of the Mp3 Blog Project were announced last week. Question 10 was "What genre of music does your blog predominately cover, if any?" "Indie/Alternative" and "Eclectic" apparently dominate the mp3 blogosphere:

Balance must be restored to the Force.

From Nina Simone: The Blues:

I Shall Be Released (Dylan Cover) (mp3)
The Pusher (mp3)


RC666 said...

Blues from RC, where is the Shitty shit! I was waiting for it all day Tuesday!

Arethusa said...

That cover is one of my favourite Nina songs...ever! I'm not so sure about that "eclectic" tag; a lot of folks like to use it but I bet half of them fall under pop and "indie/alternative".

Canowine said...

rc666 - I know, I've been slacking! I'll have to treat you to a double dose next Tuesday.

arethusa - Amen, sister! I might even like it better than the Dylan. And I agree with your second point, too.