Monday, August 02, 2004

Said the Spider to the Fly

I just listened to the pAper chAse's single, Said the Spider to the Fly, off their new LP, God Bless Your Black Heart. It's a warped noise rock breakup song that degenerates from a quaint piano melody to a repetitive, thumping, hellish, chanting dissonance, complete with a grating guitar solo and demonic mumbling at the tail end. The song opens with:
I want your head
I want your wicked parts
I want to wring out your evil thoughts
I want to eat out your bitter heart

and later,
And I'm telling everyone everything
So scratch it on the wall on your coffin on your sick day home
And when your lover loves to cheat there's another you can meet
It's a short pier, it's a long walk home.
kiss me like you mean goodbye
said the spider to the fly...
Download the MP3 on the right side of this page. You can also watch a creepy breakup video for Don't You Wish You Had Some More from the What Big Teeth You Have LP. I love the hands on her back at the end of the vid.

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RC666 said...

These are both excellent songs. It's funny having such dark lyrics coming from a screechy voice. Still 3 thumbs up.