Monday, August 02, 2004

Heartbreaking Post and mp3

Both the entry and the Cyndi Lauper mp3 at antipopper are wrenching. When tragedies strike, we seek the genuine and the profound, and struggle to find either in our commercial trashmosphere. We put aside the CDs that we thought were clever yesterday, and replace them with those that speak to our hearts. Cyndi Lauper has always been sincere and convincing. Go back and listen to her early songs; they sound different now than they did in the 80's. Lately I've been stuck on When You Were Mine, penned, of course, by Prince (hence the u's in the lyrics below). She makes the song real with the longing in her voice, and you believe it when she sings:
I know, that you`re goin with another guy
But I don't care, cause I love u baby that's no lie
I Love u more than I did when u were mine.
The song posted at antipopper is about a child who sings "I want a mom that will last forever."

Sincerity is welcome in a sarcastic, cynical world, where so many acts strive to be witty and brilliant, but end up sounding pretentious and stiff.

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