Monday, August 16, 2004

Coma - The Conductor of Your Mind.

The new Comas album, Conductor, is out next week, and I've ordered mine already. Watch the video for the first track,The Science of Your Mind (on the left sidebar). It begins, appropriately, with a sci-fi noir shot of a Gothamesque city, then gets personal and blurry. The climax, in which an elevator explodes and a woman in a lounge chair flies toward the camera in a backdrop of flames, is gorgeous. Sitting on one's ass and watching the tube has never been so surreal. You'll see what I mean as you watch.

From their website, get the mp3 for the same track, and also give a close listen to the fifth track, The Last Transmission. Download Tiger in a Tower from their last album, A Def Needle in Tomorrow, here.

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