Sunday, August 15, 2004

mp3 Blogs = Online Airplay

A Reuters story titled Blogs Build Buzz, Raise Copyright Questions came out yesterday. It begins: "The blog has begun to emerge as both a music industry friend and a potential bootlegging nightmare." A bootlegging nightmare? Oh, come on. Nobody's posting anything that would result in reduced sales for an album. More: "...many of the same Web sites are developing into the next possible headache for copyright owners.

That's because the individuals behind many blogs are using their sites to plug new music from under-the-radar acts, while hosting and distributing unlicensed MP3 files. "

Hmmm...I remember when I was a pup...I used to tape songs from the radio, fall in love with them, and go out and buy the records, like all the other kids. The music that didn't get any airplay didn't get bought.

Being posted on mp3 blogs is like getting airplay.

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