Wednesday, August 11, 2004

MP3 - From Bubblegum to Sky

From Bubblegum to Sky's infectious pop tune, Operation Big Beat, will grab you with its playful opening piano and guitar lines and hold you with strong, simple melodies. Mario Hernandez is the band, and according to his page on eenie meenie records,
It's a solo thing with a band-like moniker. "I chose the name From Bubblegum to Sky, because I didn't want it to be like a "Mario Hernandez" thing. It would feel odd for me to see my name on a record like that. I feel like it's a band, even though it's just me. The things that people are doing to me, or I'm doing to them, or whatever experiences I'm having-that's the band. I couldn't write without those experiences and in a way that's what a band member does."
But why "Bubblegum to Sky," really, and not "Mario's Band?" From his (their) second album, Nothing Sadder Than Lonely Queen. Hear more of their stuff here.

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The Keoki said...

I was almost expecting Paul or John to start singing after that intro....