Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Take Off In Your Soul Ship and Visit a Billion Different Distant Stars In One Second

(from Soul Transportation)

If you are still deciding whether to donate to autism charities by picking up a copy of the Dimension Mix, you're already wasting time, allowing yourself to be disconnected. The cosmos, including Beck, Stereolab, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Apples in Stereo, Eels, Oranger, and From Bubblegum to Sky, is awaiting your buy-in. As a whole, the disc is otherworldly, transcendental, funky, weird, and fun. If my vague adjectives haven't convinced you to make a trip to your local record store, maybe these will:

DJ Me DJ You - Soul Transportation (mp3)

Anubian Lights - Walking Eagle (mp3)

Listen to Beck's version of Funky Little Song and compare with the original here.

And as the efficient mp3blog surfer that you are, you are aware that there is other stuff from the CD floating around. But take my word: buy it. You'll love the packaging, the colorful, informative booklet, and you'll feel better.

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