Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Stipe Presents

By now, we all know the story about how REM got together - Michael Stipe frequented Wuxtry Records in Athens, Georgia, where Peter Buck worked. Each admired the other's taste in music, got together for drinks, agreed to form a band, and voila.

I've often imagined the two of them browsing through the dusty vinyl in Wuxtry Records, and wondered what records they pick up to buy these days.

The August editions of Uncut give us a clue, with three "REM Collection" CDs accompanying each edition. These tracks are from the Michael Stipe Presents CD (Disc 2).

1. Now It's Overhead - Reverse (Live)
2. Karen Elson - Coming Down (personal recording) (Jack White's supermodel wife)
3. Papercranes - Knew You When (Singer Rain Phoenix is River's sister)
4. Tilly & The Wall - Nights of the Living Dead
5. The Citizens Band - Je T'aime Scumbag
6. Flash to Bang Time - H The President (Michael's sister, Lynda Stipe, is the band leader)
7. The Checks - Mercedes Children
8. Vic Chestnutt - Aunt Avis
9. Magnapop - Favorite Writer (Live)
10. Angela McCluskey - Hidden Song
11. Leona Naess - No Boys (Live)
12. Joseph Arthur - In The Sun (Live)
13. Patti Smith - Wing (Live)
14. Bright Eyes - We Are Nowhere And It Is Now (Live)
15. REM - Boy In The Well (Live)


RC666 said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! I am tired of hearing about Michael Stipe's heroine addict looking gay ass. Why the hell is he popping up all over everything?

Canowine said...

Maybe one day they'll have a Lynyrd Skynyrd Presents for you.

placidian said...

I'm not a huge Michael Stipe fan; a few REM songs I really like, but who cares...
That live Magnapop is exactly what I needed today.
I appreciate the work you do, bringing me all this fine music, Canowine!

HANS said...

i'd rather look at pictures of anna kournikova

Canowine said...

Hey Placidian, that early Magnapop might be my favorite song on the mixtape.

HANS, at least I spared you by not putting a picture up. And believe me, there are some GRIMY ones in the UNCUT issue.

RC666 said...

See everyone agrees that he is a retard but you!

Canowine said...

The people who visit The Smudge does is not a good representative sample of "everybody." I hope.

HANS said...

fuck, and it's up now.

but seriously, michael stipe is retarded.

Canowine said...

All I have to say is he probably gets way more weiner than you!!

Lorna said...

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