Monday, August 22, 2005

Patrick Swayze's Greatest Hits

The title wouldn't surprise me.

From the Chicago Sun-Times article, Isn't greatness required for 'greatest hits'?

A greatest-hits album once stood as a watershed -- a milestone chronicling a collection of top-rated hits, culturally significant songs or the end of a stellar career.

But in recent years, a flood of ''best of'' titles from acts with only few years in the business -- and performers with even fewer hits -- have called into question how great a greatest-hits collection is.

Among the more questionable greatest hits collections that have popped up in recent years: ''Toy Soldiers: The Best of Martika'' (with one hit from the 1980s); ''The Best of Mandy Moore,'' from an entertainer who had more success as an actress than she ever did as a singer,...And while teen queen Hilary Duff has sold millions of albums, she has released only two discs -- the first one in 2003 -- and neither spawned a top 10 hit. Her ''best of'' collection, ''Most Wanted,'' hit record stores Tuesday.


RC666 said...

I've noticed a lot of Best of's lately too. It makes me sick. I agree greatest hits and best of's are for bands with great albums and big followings. Shit how long did it take for Nirvana's best of box set? 10 years after Kurt's death! Hillary Duff needs to make some hit songs and then kill herself, then she may be able to put out a in memory best of CD.

Arethusa said...

Hilary DUFF has a "best of..." already? Didn't she just singing a couple of years ago? WTF?

Canowine said...

Hillary Duff has a lot of potential...and I'll just leave it at that.

Canowine said...

Hillary Duff has a lot of potential...and I'll just leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

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