Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Beck and Heavy Metal Aerobics

BECK: That was when I was in a punk-metal band called Loser...I'd play most of the set in a closed coffin, and I wouldn't come out till near the end when I would do the big solo. The door would kick open and I'd come ou, wailing on the guitar. We also considered making an aerobics video.

BLVR: A heavy metal aerobics video?

BECK: Yeah. In a graveyard. Cause, you know, if you're gonna be a head-banger, you have to maintain neck musculature. And you can't rock out with flabby thighs.

- From this year's Believer Music Issue.

I mourned yesterday when I looked at the new Beck tour dates, and realized that I will be in New Jersey when Beck comes here to the D.C. area. But then I rejoiced when I looked a little lower on the list and saw that Beck is playing in New Jersey when I'm there.

And dig this:

Beck - Missing (Remix by Royksopp) (mp3)


SugarDuck said...

If you're going to the NJ show Uncle Tom and I will go too.

Canowine said...

YES!!! I have tix in hand from the presale. It's ON!

SugarDuck said...

Yay! I told Tom about the tickets, he's excited.