Friday, August 26, 2005

Friday Live

...digs into the archives today.

Johnny Cash - Live at Folsom Prison & San Quentin - I Still Miss Someone (mp3)

Aretha Franklin, Live at Fillmore West (1971) - Respect (mp3)

Neil Young & Elvis Costello, Bridge School Benefit Concert - Alison (live) (mp3)

The Dead Milkmen Live at the Trocadero - Punk Rock Girl (mp3)

REM (from Murmur: The IRS Years Vintage 1983)- Gardening At Night (Live) (mp3)


Greg said...

Nice stuff. It's rare that I like every tune in a mp3 blog post.

Canowine said...

Thanks, greg. It's hard to find good new stuff that hasn't been posted everywhere already, so sometimes it's worth the extra effort to raid the back catalogues.