Tuesday, July 05, 2005

War is Not a Joyride

Clearly, war is alive. But "dead" is what war equates to. It's not just a joyride in the sky, as we might imagine when we watch bombers engaging targets on Fox or CNN. Pajo reminds us of that in his ironic "War is Dead:"

fasten your seat belt
buckle down tight
wicked little pony
putting up a fight
we can hitch a ride on a saturday night away
war is dead! war is dead!

Pajo - War is Dead (mp3)

From Pajo (2005).


According to the Crimetime Orchestra page at Jazzaway,

"Bjørnar Andresen passed away only 3 weeks after this sessions and it is his last recorded performance. Bjørnar was an icon in the Norwegian jazz community, and his high spirit and inspiration will be missed by many."

Here's Life is a Beautiful Monster, Part 1 (mp3), which is "an exiting mix of grooves, free improvisation, electric noise and dynamic interplay."

Both mp3s taken from The Wire Tapper 13.

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