Wednesday, July 13, 2005

stellastarr*, freshly ripped

I ripped this from a 128K internet radio stream about 45 minutes ago. It doesn't get much fresher than that, folks.

stellastarr* - Lost in Time (mp3)

It might not be headphone-quality, but it's good enough for the computer you're sitting in front of right now.

From the forthcoming stellastarr* album, Harmonies for the Haunted.

And from the brilliant Husky G(entleman) on the stellastarr* message board, stream Street Troubled Soul from the same album: windows media high / low

NOTE TO UNCLE TOM: I'm thinking about you and the Keoki as you toil in the stifling heat. We need to go to a show when you come back. You're down for stellastarr* again the next time they play the Black Cat or 9:30, right? That goes for you, too, rc666.


SugarDuck said...

Uncle Tom says he's sweating so much out there that his shirts turn white.

Canowine said...

As expected. He's possibly the whitest person I know, so it's only natural that he turns the things he touches white. The heat is just a catalyst for the reaction.

SugarDuck said...

whatever. just take him to see the band, I like when he comes home happy from a concert!

Canowine said...

That happiness results from the very special combination of live music and moderate alcohol consumption. I will make sure it happens.

n. said...

good call on the Husky G being brilliant thing. tis true!

Anonymous said...

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